Videography Services

Capturing corporate events through video is one of the most dynamic marketing tools you can create - whether you are marketing internally to your own employees or intent on presenting the material tocurrent or future clients.  Videocreates a living, three-dimensional legacy. 

What better way to capture the enthusiasm of a featured speaker at a conference or seminar?  Does any other medium capture the emotion of someone given a gift for a lifetime achievement award better than video?   And, how can you record the jubilation of employees who put everything that had into a competition with their fellow co-workers? 

In addition to capturing these images like no other medium, videography of your corporate events is the most instantaneous way to create awareness and extend the reach of whatever event or meeting has occurred.

Unlimited Photos creates videos to meet each and every one of your business needs. We specialise in conferences, seminars, summits, corporate events, company parties, ceremonies, presentations and milestone events.  Our trained videographers scout the site prior the event to ensure the highest quality end product. We also assist you in planning your video by using the three pillars of video production, namely: define your audience, tell a great story with an emotional connection and always remember that the focus is on those who will be watching the video. 

Whether your event has tens, hundreds or thousand of participants, we are THE videography source, ready to travel throughout and across South Africa.

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