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Receiving that long service award you have been working so hard for. Partying the night away with colleges. Walking down the aisle on your special day. These are all special moments in your life. Yet, they are fleeting. They are gone in the blink of an eye.

How do you capture these moments? How can you savor them over and over, reliving the magical, mystical and precious seconds of your life? Through Unlimited Photos, we capture those moments for you. Our clients trust us, through experience and creativity to take the perfect photos which eternalize life’s most precious moments .

About Us

About Us

In 2012 myself and Alastair Laing, CEO of Unlimited Events Group, an industry leader in the events industry across South Africa created a new company by joining Riaan Prinsloo Photography and Unlimited Events Group. Partners in the new company include Riaan Prinsloo (MD), Alastair Laing, Rosemary Foord and Freddy Coetzee. From this merger, Unlimited Photos was born. By joining forces, we are able to provide the most comprehensive photographic services available. Our goal is for you to totally trust us to capture those moments in your life that you want to cherish for years to come.